Children's manicure

Children manicure. Bright and light. Children's manicure is a very important component of the child care. In particular, it is need for those girls who get used to bite her nails



Men's manicure

Men's manicure

Men's manicure is mostly edged manicure because men's hands, as a rule, hard and require prior soaking in the bath.

How to do a men's manicure:

  • Make a form of the nails with a nail file. The length of the free edge should be no more than 1 mm.
  • Put the hands in the tub and soak for 15 - 20 minutes. In the water you can add baking soda, which is very well softens the skin.
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European manicure at home.

European manicure

We need:

  • paper towel
  • softening or nourishing cream
  • gentle cuticle remover solution

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Shellac - nail polish and gel in one package, perfect for owners of the thin, layered or brittle nails.

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French manicure at home

Французский маникюр

Step 1. French manicure begins as a regular manicure: cuticle treatment and giving desired shape to the nail - how to do Manicure at home.

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Vitamins and minerals for your nails.


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Nail Care. Brittle nails? Do not grow? Dry skin?

women hands

  • Water-based cream or petroleum jelly well retains moisture in the nails, softens the skin around the nails and hands. At night after spreading a dense layer of the cream or petroleum jelly to the nails and the skin of the hands you should wear Nail care continue...

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SPA manicure.

beautiful hands

When you need a manicure, the easiest way to visit a good salon and experienced master will fulfill all your wishes. If you decide to do it yourself or prefer to go to the master with your own tools SPA manicure continue...

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Nail treatment. Nail wraps.

Nail wraps are applied to natural nails to strengthen, protect them from damage and delamination. This way we can treat an ingrown nail or splited on the two parts. The main types of wraps materials - is silk, linen and fiberglass. Nail wraps continue...

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Manicure at home.

In order to understand the concepts you need to know the structure of the nail plate.

structure of the nail

  • Nail plate
  • Free edge (nail top)
  • Lunula (half-moon) - the most vulnerable spot
  • Nail fold

"Classic" (edged) is the most demanded type of the manicure. Such manicure is not difficult to do at home, you only need Manicure at home continue...

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Nail files.

We need have nail files to make the desired shape of the nails.

Nail files

Glass nail files.

Probably the best file because it does not separate the nails. Moreover, Glass nail files can be sterilized, but they Nail files continue...

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Manicure tools


Women's manicure can be the "Classic" (edged or "wet") and "European" (unedged or "dry") - an obvious contrast to the first, that after soaking the fingertips, cuticles trimmed, while the second option - simply push the cuticle back.

«Classic» manicure - the only kind of manicure that will correct neglected nails. Once you have done the manicure - keep nails in good condition - it is enough to do a weekly "European" manicure. If the cuticle is rough and fast growing, then, of course, preferable to do the "Classic" manicure.

So, if you decide to make a professional manicure at home, you will need: Manicure tools continue...

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