Men's manicure

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Men's manicure is mostly edged manicure because men's hands, as a rule, hard and require prior soaking in the bath.

How to do a men's manicure:

  • Make a form of the nails with a nail file. The length of the free edge should be no more than 1 mm.
  • Put the hands in the tub and soak for 15 - 20 minutes. In the water you can add baking soda, which is very well softens the skin.
  • After this time, take one arm out of the water and begin to perform edged manicure. With the end of the pusher (with shovel shape) neatly shifts the inner lining, not pushing the area at the base of the nail. Perform this step of the manicure with all the fingers one by one.
  • Cut off the cuticle around the nail, from corner to corner, grabbing the top of the stratum corneum of the skin with the tips of the scissors. Try not to overwhelm the scissors on the cuticle and keep them at right angles, otherwise burrs can appear (if they appear later in a couple of days after the manicure, then gently, cut them at the very root with alcohol-treated nipper). Perform this procedure with all the fingers one by one.
  • With the nipper remove excess skin along the nail groove, as well as on the sides of the nail. Perform this procedure with all the fingers.
  • If you need polishing nails or remove burrs on the edge of the nail - you can do it with a soft side of the four sided nail file (burrs can be seen clearly after soaking).

Once you have completed the processing of the left hand, begin to process the right hand in the same sequence.

After the manicure it is good to make a gentle massage of the hands with a nourishing cream or oil for the nails.

If you prefer you can put on the nails firming clearcoat, moreover, there is a special nail polish without the shine for men's manicure. Just do not forget firstly degrease the nails with alcohol or a nail polish remover.

Nail styles recommends:

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