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Foot care is not less important than the care of your hands. The feet skin tends to be dry and without care quickly covered with a horny layer, then the cracks appear in the layer of dead skin and become deeper until reach the living skin. It is very unpleasant, painful - you should not bring your legs up to this situation. The feet skin will be soft and gentle, and your nails will be beautiful if you constantly take care of them, make pedicure.

Before cure your cracked heels at home you have to consult with a doctor to rule out a disease that can cause cracking of the heels skin. The reasons may be many, for example:

  • lack of vitamins A and E
  • dysfunction of the thyroid
  • diabetes
  • fungus

The skin on his heel can be cracked just because of wearing tight shoes, synthetic socks, and improper or inadequate care.

How to get rid of cracks on the heels at home.

If the heel cracks is not the result of the fungus or other disease which should be treated by a doctor, then we can begin a treatment at home.

The first thing you need to pay attention is diet. Often, the skin dries and get cracks due to lack of vitamins A and E. Vitamin A is found in green vegetables and in the yellow and orange fruits, milk and liver. Vitamin E in vegetable oils, nuts and eggs.

Foot bath with hot water is the most important step in the treatment of the cracked heels. As soon as you feet get enough moisture, you need to gradually remove the steamed dead skin with a pumice stone . It is necessary to make such bath every few days. For best results, you can add baking soda to the water, which is very well soften the horny skin and it will be easy to clean off with a pumice stone.

After the soda bath you should rinse your legs with clean water, dry thoroughly with a towel, brush them with a nourishing cream for the feet, or any fat cream and wear cotton socks.

Masks for feet skin with a cream or vegetable oil: before bedtime to wash your feet, dry, heavy lubricate with foot cream or oil, rubbing them in the problem areas, or even do an oil wrap - wrap the feet with ordinary polyethylene bags, wear socks. By morning the skin will be soft and gentle.

For successful treatment you need to find a comfortable breathable shoes and socks. The above procedure should be done regularly, as the heels need constant hydration and nutrition. At day you should seal cracks with plaster in order not to become infected and do not go without socks.

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