Drawing with brush "Butterfly"

Colored butterfly Colored butterfly with white background

brushes and paints to paint on the nails

To create the picture we need:

  • brush # 1
  • acrylic different colors paints
  • silver polish to paint (with a long brush)
  • base coat (transparent)
  • Transparent polish (top coat)

Step 1. Apply the base coat on the nails. When the transparent polish is dry, proceed to next step.

Step 2. Draw a butterfly using a black acrylic paint and put decorating points around.

Step 3. Paint the tips of the wings using the blue acrylic paint and put blue points near the black ones.

Step 4. Paint the center of the wings using the yellow acrylic paint.

Step 5. Paint the base of the wings using the red acrylic paint and put a little red over points.

Step 6. Using silver polish for painting add glitter to our butterfly and give the picture to dry thoroughly (approximately 10 minutes) before applying the top coat.

Step 7. Apply the finish coat to the nails which will protect the image and give a glossy to the nails.


It is not necessary to do multi-colored butterfly. Butterfly is created in black on a background of decorative polish (e.g. pink or milky shades) looks also very good. In this case, firstly, you need to cover nails with the base coat, then the decorative polish, give it to dry. Then draw a butterfly. If you wish you can add a glitter to the picture using a polish with glitters. Let it to dry. Cover the nail with a top coat. If you do not like to have the pictures on all your nails - you think it's too gaudy, it is sufficient to draw a butterfly on the thumbs and ring-fingers of the both hands.

The whole process of painting "Butterfly" can be seen in this video:

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