Simple nails design with a needle. "Zigzag".

Posted: April,15 2012

Examples of the zigzag pattern on nails This drawing is performed using needles or toothpicks. Drawings should be done with a needle over the wet polish, so try to do the job quickly and prepare polish (unscrew the cap) and a needle or a toothpick in advance. You can make many variants of this pattern. We show only some of them on the photo. You can find more art design in Drawing with needle.

"Zigzag" is remarkable becouse it is very easy to do, and you can choose a variety of the nail polish:

  • contrast and not much;
  • matt polish with pearl of the same color give the illusion of "spillover" one nail polish to another, but you should keep the order, if you decide that on the left half of the nail will be matt polish, and on the right half - pearl, do the same on all the nails;
  • Nail polish can be chosen so that it match with the color of clothes, shoes, etc.

There is one more a little secret, if after using a toothpick or a needle the stripe was left, through which the nail shines, you do not need to clean and do everything again, it is sufficient to draw the strip in these places (to cover the transparent nail) with silver nail art polish (with long brush), paint adds a glow and revitalize your pattern.

Let's look at one of the many variants of this figure.

zigzag pattern on the nail

  • Cover nails with transparent protective polish. Before we get started with colored polishes, it is necessary to wait for complete drying of clearcoat.
  • Cover one half of the nail with pink pearl nail polish, the other purple with matt polish.
  • While the polish is wet, take a needle or toothpick and begin to mix paints a top-down, forming a zigzag.
  • When the paint dries properly, cover your nails with clear polish to preserve a manicure for a longer period of time.

Scheme implementation of a zigzag pattern

To understand how to do it, look at the video:

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