Stress zone

How to form a stress zone on the gel nails?

question When extending with one phase (usual) gel:

Grab the gel from the jar by a brush and begin to evenly distribute it on the nail, forming a pile on the stress zone (the boundary of tips and natural nails.) Why is it necessary to form a hill on the stress zone? That's because it is an area - the weakest link and there should be more gel than on the edges. But we must not forget that artificial nails should look like natural ones, therefore, the gel should be in moderation. In addition, if you applied too much gel, it does not dry out perfectly and you can get burned since thick layer of gel tends to be hot. Do not forget that when applying the gel, it is necessary to deviate from the cuticle and the sides of approximately 0.5 - 1 mm, because the gel may leak during the drying process. Thus, the gel hill on the stress zone (maximum gel) was winding down near the cuticles and skin around the sides (minimum of gel). Then you need to dry the nails in the UV lamp. Drying time depends on the quality of the gel and the type of the lamp.

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