Manicure at home.

In order to understand the concepts you need to know the structure of the nail plate.

structure of the nail

  • Nail plate
  • Free edge (nail top)
  • Lunula (half-moon) - the most vulnerable spot
  • Nail fold

"Classic" (edged) is the most demanded type of the manicure. Such manicure is not difficult to do at home, you only need to reserve about 40 minutes your time and have manicure tools (Manicure tools ).

Step by step instruction implementation of manicure at home:

  • Wash your hands with soap and water or treat them with an antiseptic .
  • Remove old polish with nail polish remover. It is advisable to use a liquid which does not contain acetone.
  • Give your nails the desired length and shape. If the nails are too grown, first they need to be cut to desired length using nippers. If the nails crack when shortening nippers or scissors, then the first you need to soak them for 5 minutes. Then giving them the desired shape with nail files. There are four forms of the nail plate: round (1), oval (2), pointed (3), trapezius (4). Form the nail plate is determined without regard to the free edge.
  • shapes of the nails If the nails have transverse or longitudinal bands - polish them with files but not try to make them shine as they will be faded again since to the subsequent soaking. How to choose a nail file, see here Nail files.

  • Prepare the tub for a manicure with very warm water (not hot) add one teaspoon of the sea salt (baking soda, a few drops of essential oil, lemon juice, liquid soap ... in general everything that you like and think it is useful for your nails) and soak fingers in the water for 5-7 minutes. Tip: as we do a manicure at home it would be better if firstly we soak the fingers on the one hand, process them and then do the other hand.
  • Dry out and begin treatment with the little finger. Gently push back cuticles with the end of the pusher blade, not pushing hard at the base of the nail. Perform this procedure with all the fingers one by one.
  • Cut off the cuticle around the nail, from corner to corner, grabbing the top of the stratum corneum of the skin with the tips of the scissors. Try not to overwhelm the scissors on the cuticle and keep them perpendicular to the cuticle otherwise burrs will appear (if they still appear in a couple of days after the manicure, then gently remove them at the very root with alcohol-treated nail nippers). Perform this procedure with all the fingers one by one.
  • Using nippers remove the remnants of the skin along the nail groove as well as on the sides of the nail. Perform this procedure with all the fingers one by one.
  • If you need you can polish the free edge of the nail using nail files with a soft side in order to remove possibly seen burrs on the nail - they can be seen after soaking.

Once you have completed the processing of the fingers on the left hand, begin to process the right hand in the same sequence.

After manicure: it is useful to make a gentle massage of the hands with nourishing cream or oil for the nails.

Before applying nail polish you should degrease your nails with nail polish remover or alcohol.

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