Nail treatment.

Nail wraps.

Nail wraps are applied to natural nails to strengthen, protect them from damage and delamination. This way we can treat an ingrown nail or splited on the two parts. The main types of wraps materials - is silk, linen and fiberglass. Although it is possible to use usual tips. The process of treatment consists of cutting material on the small pieces, sticking it on the nail, painting and polishing to create a smooth surface. So we will protect the nail from the environment and do not let continue to crack or delaminate.

silk wraps Silk wraps are the most natural ones. Nevertheless, it is also the least resistant to the environment. But there is one quality, because of which it is recommended to use in the treatment of nails, silk is better than others allows air to reach the natural nail, which is clearly a positive moment and speeds up the recovery of the nail.

med wraps Fiberglass wraps provides a natural look to nails like silk but surpasses it in strength. That is why this option is the most popular. Besides this, the fiberglass is cheaper than natural fibers.

Coverage of flax is the most powerful. Nevertheless, most women do not like thick and white wraps for nails. That's why they cover wraps with nail polishes when these white pads become annoying as you understand it closes the air supply to the nail.

Nails covered with such wraps must be regularly maintained in order. Usually recommended a weekly visit to the master. This occurs because the glue used to hold the cover is aging and washed away. As a result you can see that the wraps begin to flake off - usually at the edges. Regular care will help to support them in the original form.

Process of removing the wraps from the nails is very simple. Soak your fingers (nail side) in a nail polish remover. You may need to use liquid with acetone as it is better to remove the glue. Soak for a minute and then using the same liquid with a cotton swab to remove any pieces of the wraps and glue. You may have to repeat this procedure several times to remove the glue and the wraps completely. Polish your nails when they are fully cleared.

I would like to draw your attention that not all nail disease can be treated at home if you suspect that your nails are sick (not the natural pigmentation, peeling, flaking skin on the fingers), the best option is consulting with a doctor.

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