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When you need a manicure, the easiest way to visit a good salon and experienced master will fulfill all your wishes. If you decide to do it yourself or prefer to go to the master with your own tools (a very good decision), then you probably need nail files, orange stick, scissors, etc. (see the article about the tools). In this case, we can not talk about the great expense or a lack of available product, but when we talk about the SPA manicure - the situation is different.

Many believe that the SPA manicure and a regular salon manicure is the same. It is not quite true. First, SPA manicure a little more expensive than a salon manicure (if you do them in the salon). SPA manicure applies treatment (care) wax, in addition to a manicure that is why it is difficult to make it at home - you need a wax, an electric heater and a free pair of hands which would apply with the wax.

wax warmer

Wax, which will be applied to the customer's hands, is melted in a heater. The heaters can be different but it's best to use the device which has a removable plastic cups that can be both disposable and reusable. Spilled wax must be removed with a cloth as soon as possible( do not wait for solidification).

When the wax is heated and melted, the hands are immersed in a cup with manicure wax and wax is applied to the entire surface of the hand. After that the hands is wrapped with a cloth or wear "gloves" to keep warm ... here comes one of the most important moments of the SPA treatments - relaxation, waiting for when the wax harden.

Wax is sold with various aromas, oils and extracts - aloe vera, chamomile, tea tree oil, peach, strawberry...

Then you can continue to the usual manicure. If there is no need, then the first step - soaking the hands - passed since the wax make cuticles soft. The nails can be a bit softer due to the intense exchange of moisture with wax. Do not worry, they will become harder as soon as the process of polishing will be finished. The wax will leave feeling of soft, smooth skin for several days.

For SPA pedicure the same procedure with the wax is used. Usually for SPA pedicure bowls with wax are larger. Moreover, masters use small but a nice addition such as the bootees. Sometimes the skin on the legs become so rough and dry so the wax - it is really the best way to make it soft and smooth.

To sum up, if you have the time the SPA treatment with wax is a very good idea. You will enjoy with the result.

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