Children's manicure

Children's manicure and gerl nail design.

Children's manicure is a very important component of the child care. In particular, it is need  those girls who get used to bite her nails - they won't to nibble such beauty! There are many beauty salons offer this service as a children's manicure now. Also, you can do children's  manicure  yourself, at home, it's not hard.
Let's start with the fact that the child should have its own set for the children's manicure. It should consist of the two types of the scissors: a cuticle scissors and a nail scissors. Children's cuticle is not need to cut, but the burrs should be cut off - the cuticle scissors are indispensable in that procedure. Also the children's nail set  should include a nail file, it would be better if it made from the glass.
Before the manicure, wash your and child hands with soap, and treat with an antiseptic. Cut off part of the regrown nail, leaving  1-2 mm length. Cut the burrs. If the cuticle has grown too, it is better to lubricate  with a special oil to soften and only after a few minutes you can push it a little by an orange stick. Then handle nails by the nail file.
Next you should do a hand massage with a nourishing cream, perhaps it is the most pleasant part of the manicure. Do not forget to rub the cream into the nails and the skin around! That's it! Your little girl is an owner of the beautiful hands!
Girlfriends will be very jealous when they'll see what the nails design of your  beauty! Look what the drawings on the nails can be done for girls:

Children manicure. Bright and light.Gerl nail design.Simple and bright.

??????? ?? ?????? ??? ???????.??????? ?? ?????? ??? ???????.

You do not need to do on each nail its own drawing, you can do the same on all nails. It looks very gentle and nice if the pattern is done only the big and on the fourth fingers of the both hands, while other nails painted to match the pattern.

Another important point - before applying the  nail polish on the nails do not forget to degrease them with alcohol or nail polish remover without acetone, and after drawing put on the nails  the top cover to keep the images for longer period of time.

If your beauty still chewing her nails, it is possible to paint them with a special nail polish. Children do not like the bitter taste of this polish and they stop biting thier nails.

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