Wedding design. «Flower with glitter»

This is a very simple design so even a beginner can draw it. This flower looks better with long nails (you should prepare them before Manicure at home). It can be drawn on all the nails as well as on only two nails of each hand - on the thumb and on the ring-finger with the remaining nails are painted with the matched color nail polish.

art nail polish brush

For that we need:

  • blue nail polish for painting
  • white nail polish for painting
  • silvery nail polish for painting
  • transparent nail polish for the base and top coat or special - base and top coat polish
  • nail polish remover

Nail polishes for drawing differ from daily nail polishes - they have a long thin brush (see photo).

The first step. Degrease nails with the nail polish remover and apply base coat. When the nails are completely dry begin the second stage.

white flowe on the nail The second step. Draw a blue painted flower as shown in the figure. Give the pattern to dry because the polishes should not be mixed together.

white flowe on the nail The third step. Paint on the blue with white polish but do not try to paint every free place we just need draw sketchy lines - only the contours of the flower. Wait for until all will be dry.

white flowe on the nail The fourth step. Draw a silver line on top of or next to the white lines as you like more.

Thoroughly dry.

white flowe on the nail white flowe on the nail The fifth step (final). Apply the top coat, which will add gloss and protect your nails image for a long time.

white flowe on the nail If the picture does not work at all nails the same, do not rush to get upset and remove pictures. Draw the same picture on every the nails is almost impossible! But you can make an image look like one another, the main thing - to keep the idea of drawing.

Here is a video where you can see how to draw a wedding design «flower with glitter».

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