Shellac - nail polish and gel in one package, perfect for owners of the thin, layered or brittle nails.

Shellac does not damage the natural nails, but on the contrary, makes them stronger and more elastic, providing them with protection from external influence and does not require a break in wearing. Coating is odorless and completely hypoallergenic, which is marked as "3 free» - does not contain dibutyl phthalate, toluene and formaldehyde. It does not require removing the top layer of the nail and using a primer as for gel or acrylic nails. Shellac is just applied, it is reliable - a manicure lasts 14days and easily removed with a special fluid. But this system has disadvantages:

  • you need make such manicure and pedicure in the salon as shellac becomes harden only in the light of the UV lamp and it is important to keep order of steps as describe in the instruction (as technology very important for reliability). Or you can buy UV lamp one time and save on the salons in future.
  • you can keep the polish on your nails no more than 2 weeks - if not remove it in time then it will be difficult later so you should not delay a visit to the salon to remove the old coating. Or you can do it yourself - put acetone remover on the cotton ball and then wrap the foil around your finger and the cotton ball to keep the cotton ball on your nail, leave on for about 10 minutes and then use an orange wood stick to scrape off the remaining shellac.

For manicure and pedicure with shellac you will need: base cover, shellac and fixer. All of these components must be the same brand - Shellac CND, otherwise the desired result is not achieved. Usually the kit already contains all those components.

Bottles with shellac handled in such way as to prevent the entry of ultraviolet rays cause the shellac may dry out. The color shellac matches the color of the bottle cover so this is not difficult to find the desired shade.

Coverage has been tested in the laboratory and now actively used by the nail masters over the world.

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