Do I need to apply base coat (basic coverage)?

Yes, it is necessary. Because:

  • if there is a base coat it will be easier to put a decorative nail polish, the nail will be smooth and decorative polish will lay more evenly.
  • base coat creates a barrier to protect the nail from the harmful effects of the decorative nail polish.
  • many of the base coats are enriched with vitamin E and calcium. These ingredients help to keep your nails healthy and prevent the destruction, splitting nails. (Nail wraps)
  • Some polishes combine the base coat and the top coat (2 in 1) but they can not replace base coat and top coat separately.

Do I need to polish my nails and how often can I do it?

Yes, you need it but not often.

Polishing makes the nails shiny, helps get rid of bumps on them and stimulates blood circulation. But everything should be in moderation. Too frequent polishing will make your nails thin and vulnerable. It is desirable to give the nail grow back completely, before you do the next procedure of the polishing. Or do polish on the regrown area of the nail without affecting the previously polished section.

Can I use "any" cream as a cream for the nails?

You can - if this cream contains collagen, keratin, lanolin, mineral oil because these ingredients should be included in the cream for the nails. Collagen and keratin strengthen cells of the nail plate so the nails do not crack or split. Mineral oil, lanolin, petroleum jelly, lactic acid, glycerol slow down moisture loss, thus preventing dry skin and nail plate around the nails as well as the skin of the hands in general.

Should the nail polish remover contain acetone or not?

If you want to delete an ordinary lacquer it is better to use a liquid without acetone. It copes well with the task. The main active ingredient of the liquid is ethyl acetate which is softer and does not dry your nails out as much as acetone. But if you want to remove the nail polish with glitter (which is very good looks on the nails but it is very difficult to remove) then it is better to use the liquid containing acetone such liquid will run much faster.

What nail polish to choose: cheaper or more expensive?

It's better not to risk your health and to choose a well-known manufacturer. Yes, you will overpay for the brand but you will be sure in high-quality. Such well-known manufacturers as Revlon, Sally Hansen, OPI do not use potentially harmful for your health ingredients, but many other unknown producers do it (though, their nail polishes are just a bit cheaper). If you click ads on the right side you will be able to read users' comments for the products.

Do white spots on the nails indicate a lack of vitamins, calcium or zinc?

Many people think that the white spots are caused by lack of vitamins, calcium, zinc, but it's not entirely true.

In fact, these spots are often developing as a result of the not severe nail injury. Another reason is that the spots may be a sign of a mild infection, allergy or side effects of certain medications. Whatever the cause of these spots, they do not require treatment and are alone. However, this rule applies only if one or some nails have stains. If all the nails are affected it may be associated with more serious diseases such as anemia, heart disease, liver, diabetes or kidney disease. In this case it is the best to consult a doctor.

What is Shellac?

This lacquer and gel in the one package, ideal for Shellac continue...

Why is Shellac better than gel or acrylic?

Firstly, because it does not need to remove the top layer of the nail with the brilliance - how this is done before the extension. Before applying «UV Base Coat Shellac» you need to make a manicure - push the cuticles and remove the pterygium, then carefully treated the nails with "Scrub Fresh" which degreases and disinfects the nails.

Secondly, when working with complex Shellac it takes much less time as opposed to gel or acrylic extension.

Thirdly, Shellac strengthens nails - It is especially important for owners of brittle and soft nails.

How do my nails will look after the removal of Shellac?

The nails will look healthy because:

to work with Shellac it is not required to remove the top layer of the nails so they are not injured as during gel or acrylic build-up; shellac does not contain harmful for the nails and the man in general - dibutyl phthalate, toluene and formaldehyde.

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